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This article describes the features and functionality of's account dashboard.

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The dashboard for your Webnames account provides an overview of your products and settings, and includes direct links to all the most used features so you can get the most of your services at

Your account dashboard is accessible here, or browse to My Account -> Dashboard in our website menu.


At the top of the dashboard are our most frequently used activities - renewals, payment methods, and account settings.


Upcoming renewals and registrant verification notices will appear in the required actions pane.


In addition to displaying pertinent information regarding your account, the following additional features are available:


Various aspects of your account can be managed from options available in the Account Management page:


Various aspects of your account's billing and financial activity are available in the Billing & Invoices pane.

  • Paid Invoices: Access copies of your paid invoices here.

  • Outstanding Invoices: Access and pay your unpaid invoices here.

  • Services on Automatic Renewals: Many of our products and services can be configured to automatically renew. Access and manage these services here.

  • Credit Cards on File: Easily review and update the credit cards on file being used for auto-renewals.

  • Account Credits: Credits from programs such as our referral program are displayed here, and can be applied to any purchase when checking out in our shopping cart.


Quickly access your existing services from the Products and Services pane.


The Other pane provides direct access to a number of additional pages which are otherwise peppered throughout your account.


A number of useful reports are available in the Reports pane.

  • Domains: This report includes all domains within your account (and child accounts, if applicable), along with their registration dates, renewal settings, ownership information, nameservers and attached services. This report is easily filtered and can be exported to csv for further manipulation and analysis.

  • Recurring Payments: This report contains and the products and services within your account along with their renewal settings and payment methods, if applicable. The content of this report are the same as what appears on your Renewal Payment page.

  • Transactions: This report contains an output of all invoices for a specified period. The content of this report are the same as what appears on your Invoices page.

  • Invoices: Similar to the Transactions report, the Invoices report provides a financial breakdown of each invoices for a specified period.

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