Automatically renewed services

This article describes the process for enabling and updating your auto-renewed services

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Web Hosting and Email Services

To ensure continuity of service, Web Hosting Services and Email Services are always auto-renewed.

Domains and Other Services

Auto-renewal is optional for domain names and all other services.

Notice of upcoming Auto-Renewal 37 days in advance

Domains and Services which are set to automatically renew will have an invoice created, but not charged, 37 days prior to the renewal date, and the Contact configured to receive Billing notifications will receive a notice via email.

No charges are incurred by you at this time.

Auto-Renewal Payment Processing 30 days in advance

One week later (i.e. 30 days prior to your renewal date), payment for the invoice will become due.

  • Payments via Credit Card: Domains and Services set to renew automatically via credit card will be charged at this time.

  • Payments via Online Banking: Please submit your online banking payment. Note that online banking payments take 3 - 4 business days to fully complete, and payment must be received by the renewal date.

  • Payments via Cheque: Please mail your cheque payment, noting that payment must be received by the renewal date.

Manual Renewal

With the above auto-renewal information in mind, you can also approximate a manual renewal by setting your auto-renewal payment method to Online Banking or Cheque (and then it's up to you whether you submit payment or not).

At any point after an invoice is issued, it can be manually paid via credit card, regardless of the payment method selected beforehand.

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