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Setting a Vacation Message
Setting a Vacation Message

This article outlines two different methods of setting a vacation message or auto-of-office reply

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A vacation message (or out-of-office reply) alerts senders that you may be unavailable by automatically responding to incoming email with a predetermined response.

Vacation messages can can be set via two different methods

  • By the user of a Webnames-provided email address, via Webmail

  • By the overall Webnames Account owner, for any email address which they manage, via Email Administration


To activate a Vacation message:

  • Log in using your Full Email Address and password

  • Go to Preferences / Mail / Vacation message,

  • Set Vacation message enabled to ON

  • Enter start and end dates for your Vacation message to be active (optional)

  • Enter the text to be sent as an automatic reply in the Text box.

  • To notify another address when the Vacation message is triggered, toggle the setting On and enter one or more email addresses to be notified.

  • Click Apply in the top right corner.

NOTE: While your Vacation message is active, your vacation message will only be sent once to each person emailing you, regardless of how many subsequent times they email you while your Vacation message is active.

This is a standard mail function and designed to prevent infinite mail loops, such as two vacation message responders endlessly responding to one another while their corresponding owners are away.

To clear the list of those that have already received a copy of your Vacation message, (so that their next subsequent email to you will result in your Vacation message being sent to them again), click the Clear button beside 'Clear Replied Addresses List' in Preferences / Mail / Vacation message.


Vacation Messages can also be set by the Webnames Account owner for any email account within their Webnames Account.

  1. Log into your account

  2. Navigate to Account > Email Accounts

  3. Click the domain name for which you want to add/edit email accounts.

  4. Click on the Email tab, and under the Actions heading, click the Log In button beneath Email Administration to access the Email Administration portal.

  5. Once in the Email Administration portal, Click Mail Accounts.

  6. Beside the Account name you wish to manage, click Account Settings

  7. Under Vacation Message, compose the desired vacation message in the field provided

  8. Check Activate vacation message

  9. Click Save Changes when done

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