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Selling domain names
Selling domain names

This article describes the process for listing Webnames domain names for sale at Afternic

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Webnames is fully integrated with the Afternic sales platform, which will allow you to sell your Webnames-registered domain names via Afternic, including the option to use fast-transfer, by-now pricing.

Here's a quick overview of the process:

  1. Create Account at Afternic

  2. Enroll your domains in Afternic Aftermarket

  3. Set a Price: either Buy Now, or Make an Offer

  4. Verify Ownership of domain(s): Webnames will send an ownership / enrollment verification email to to you which you then click through to agree to enrollment of domains within Afternic and provide your approval in advance for the future transfer of the domain name when it sells.

  • Domain listing is reviewed and approved by Afternic within 48 hours. The review is looking for domains that infringe on trademarks or are of adult in nature etc.

  • Domain listing goes live and is then available via the entire Afternic network and their Affiliates.

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