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How to update Webnames Account and/or Registrant information
How to update Webnames Account and/or Registrant information

This article describes how to update your account contact information

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Use the buttons below to update either your account or related Registrant information (it is advisable to review and update both as necessary).

  • After making updates, click Update

  • Click on the Registrant you wish to update

  • Make edits to the existing Registrant information as necessary and/or

  • Click the link near the bottom of the page to define alternative Administrative, Billing, or Technical contacts as necessary (if not already in place)

  • After making updates, click Update

NOTE: Webnames organizes domain names in a hierarchical fashion under a common registrant. Referring to the diagram below, updating any of the information for Registrant 1 will affect domains 1, 2, 3 and 4. This structure allows for quick and consistent management of domain ownership information. If however a single domain (say domain 4) needs to be updated to have separate and unique domain ownership information from that of Registrant 1, a Registrant Transfer must be performed. During a Registrant Transfer, a domain can be moved to another existing registrant in the same account (e.g. Registrant 2) or new registrant in the same account

NOTE: There are two items that can affect the domain ownership information displayed in a WHOIS lookup: Privacy

If you have applied Privacy to the Registrant of a domain, your contact details will be replaced with that of our Privacy Contact along with our contact information.

Registry Privacy

The .CA Registry (along with a growing number of other domain extensions) affords a certain level of privacy to Registrants who have designated themselves to be of a non-commercial or non-organizational nature (i.e. the domain is registered to an individual, and not a company or group). In these cases, the Registry will not display any Registrant information when a WHOIS lookup is done on a related domain.

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