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SSL Certificate Reissuance
SSL Certificate Reissuance

This article describes the reasons for and the process of certificate reissuance

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This process allows customers replace previously issued SSL Certificates. The following are examples of when reissuance would be relevant:

  • Private Key file loss.

  • Private Key pass phrase loss.

  • Private Key file has been compromised due to the server being hacked.

  • Server software platform has been replaced or upgraded

  • Moving to a different ISP or Hosting Company.

  • If your Organizational Unit (Business) changes


  • Your Company Name changes

  • Your Common Name (Domain Name) changes

  • Your Province/State/Locality/Country changes

In the above cases, a brand new Certificate purchase is required. This is necessary because the existing Validation information for the original certificate is no longer valid, and the Validation process must be undertaken once again.


To reissue your SSL certificate:

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. Navigate to My Account> Manage > SSL Certificates

  3. View the Issued certificates within your account , and click on the certificate name you wish to reissue

  4. Click the Reissue button

  1. Within the subsequent Reissue section, select the following as necessary:

    • Used Stored CSR Key: If no aspects of your web hosting or Admin contact details have changed, it is likely more convenient to re-use the same CSR Key as was previously used. Conversely if there has been a change to your web hosting and/or Admin contact details, you'll want to generated a new CSR. If in doubt, there is no harm in always using a new CSR Key. See also: "Step One: Generating a CSR key"

    • Domain Validation: Select your preferred method of confirming ownership and control of the domain name. See also: "Domain Verification"

    • Hash Algorithm: Select the desired Algorithm (SHA 2-256 being the current standard)

    • Subject Alternative Names: For Multi-Domain certificates with available SAN licenses purchased, provide additional and/or updated SANs

  1. Click Submit to send the reissuance order to the certificate authority.

  2. Reissued certificates are then subject to the following steps, similar to that of a newly configured certificate:

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