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SSL Certificate Issuance
SSL Certificate Issuance

This article describes the process by which an SSL certificate will be issued to you

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Issuing an SSL Certificate is the fourth of six steps to enabling SSL on your website. See our overview of all six steps, here.

  1. CSR Key Generation

  2. Configuration

  3. Validation

  4. Issuance

  5. Installation

  6. Site Seal Installation


Upon issuance, the SSL Certificate is sent by the Certificate Authority (Digicert, GeoTrust, Digicert, Sectigo etc) via email to the Contact specified in the Configuration process . The certificate will be attached to the email, and may also appear within the body of the email as a blob of text. This is your SSL certificate, and it then needs to be installed on the web server hosting the website that the certificate applies to.

Aside from the SSL Certificate itself, this email contains installation instructions for the Certificate, any necessary Intermediate Certificates, as well as Site Seals for use on the associated website.

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