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Accessing your Hosting Control Panel
Accessing your Hosting Control Panel

This article covers how to access your Plesk Hosting Control Panel

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We provide two methods of access to your Hosting Control Panel:

  1. Via your Webnames account (does not require additional username or password)

  2. Directly (which requires use of a separate username and password)


  1. Within your Webnames account, browse to My Account > Manage > Web Hosting menu or:

  2. Click on your domain name, if necessary.

  3. Under the Hosting Logins section in the bottom right, click the Hosting Control Panel LOGIN button.

NOTE: Both your Hosting Control Panel and FTP login credentials can also be reset on this same page.


  1. Click or browse to:

  2. Type the domain name, login name provided to you in your Hosting Welcome Email as well as your password into the Sign In form. Note that this username and password is not your Webnames account username and password.

  3. Click Sign In.

Note: This login information can also be updated or reset via your account.

Note: That provides hosting via Plesk as opposed to cPanel.

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