Updating Credit Card Info

This article describes how to update your credit card information

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To Update Payment Information for Existing Services

If you have a new or updated credit card to be applied toward existing services, please do the following once logged into your Webnames account:

  1. Click UPDATE beside the credit card that requires updating

  2. Update the payment information, entering the new information in its entirety.

  3. Click Save when complete

Note: It is possible for multiple instances of the same credit card to appear on this page, if the same credit card was both entered and saved more than once. It is recommended to check each credit card entry and review which products and services are associated with each.

To Provide a Payment Information for Future Purchases

If you would like to provide credit card information for future shopping cart use:

  1. Click ADD CREDIT CARD beside the payment information that requires updating

  2. Enter the payment information.

  3. Click Save when complete

To Delete a Credit Card

To remove a credit card so that it is no longer kept on file:

  1. Click Delete beside the payment information that you wish to remove

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