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New Domain Registrations

Most domain extensions can be refunded in full during the first 5 days of their registration.

Please see the related domain-specific FAQ for further details. is happy to reverse a registration and provide a full refund for newly registered domains that fall into this initial registration period. Domains outside of this initial registration period are ineligible for refund.

Domain Renewals

Unfortunately, Domain Name Registries do not offer reversals or refunds for domain renewals under any circumstances. is therefore unable to provide refunds for domain renewals.

Web Hosting and Email Services

Web hosting and Email services feature a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee*.

* If the Web Hosting package includes a domain registration, we can only return 100% of funds paid if the cancellation request occurs within the initial 5 day registration period of the domain name. If the cancellation occurs after this 5 day period, but still within 30 days of purchase, then 100% of funds paid, minus the cost of the domain will be returned. The domain registration will remain valid and in your name for the duration of the registered term.

SSL Certificates

Issued SSL Certificates may be canceled and refunded in full within seven days of issuance.

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