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How to connect a Wix website to a domain name
How to connect a Wix website to a domain name

This article covers the steps to connect a Wix Premium Plan purchased through to a custom domain name.

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Connect your domain name to your new Wix site.

  1. Return to your Wix dashboard (here, or browse to My Account > Manage >Wix Presence Builder on our website)

  2. Click the Manage Plan button on your new Wix Plan.

  3. On the right under Connected Domain, select a domain name from your account, or provide the name of an external domain name to connect to.

    1. If choosing a domain from your account, all required DNS records and connections will be made automatically

    2. If choosing an external domain, you'll be provided with the necessary DNS records to apply to the domain at its current DNS provider or registrar.

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