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Activating your Hosting Package
Activating your Hosting Package

This article describes the steps to enable a hosting package

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In order for your website to become accessible by typing your domain name into a web browser, it must first be activated. Activating your website results in DNS records for your domain automatically updated to point to our Web Hosting servers.

We recommend Activating your hosting package only after uploading the content of your website to our web hosting servers.

In order to activate your Web Hosting, please follow the steps below on our website.

  1. Click on the domain in question, leading to Domain Management

  2. On the current Hosting tab, near the top of the page, toggle status option from Parked to Active

Note: You will be presented with the option to activate both Hosting and bundled Emails (default), or to activate the Hosting only.

Note: Once activated, please allow 6 - 24 hours for the resulting DNS record changes to propagate across the Internet to all users.

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